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Your freight needs to move and knowing the options with intermodal shipping can strengthen your overall logistics strategy.

Intermodal can be a cost-effective and reliable choice for shippers. If you are looking to save money, expand your supply chain options, or you are just having trouble finding a truck intermodal could be the reliable solution you need. It also offers the unique benefit of reducing your carbon footprint and adding capacity by leveraging an extensive North American rail network. For every truckload moved to intermodal, greenhouse emissions drop by 75% as one ton of rail freight can move 479 miles per gallon of fuel.

Whether you are looking for a door to door offering, drayage and port services, or would like recommendations on how a multimodal solution can improve your operations the experts at Classic Shipping LLC can create a customized solution to help you reach your goals. Classic Shipping LLC can offer capacity for peak season, spot, or committed needs and with more than a decade of experience in intermodal freight can offer you dependability from coast to coast.

Your Supply Chain Solution on a Budget

Blending rail with your current capacity creates a multifunctional approach that gets your freight where it needs to be and keeps your customers happy. Working with an experienced intermodal service provider like Classic Shipping ensures you gain the full benefits of this shipping solution with the peace of mind you want including:

Added capacity especially for long-haul lanes that have consistent capacity issues, plus access to 53-foot domestic containers and 20, 40 and 45-foot international containers.

Flexibility for loading or unloading by utilizing a dropped container.

Door to door service coverage throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Cost savings with price stability in the marketplace.

Tracking and status updates available through Classic Shipping TRAX.

One point of contact when you work with Classic Shipping to streamline your communications – 24/7/365.

More Options With Our Drayage Network

Considered a short haul, 200 miles or less, drayage moves the container to and from the rail terminal or shipping port. As a key component to intermodal shipping, working with an experienced company ensures its capabilities are fully leveraged. Classic Shipping LLC offers you access to a nationwide drayage network with:

How Does Intermodal Shipping Work?

The longer the distance your freight needs to travel, the more advantageous intermodal will be with potential cost savings. As one of the fastest growing modes of transportation, it’s no wonder that 25 million containers are moved via intermodal shipping each year.

Shipping Smiles: Intermodal Adventures for Your Cargo's Happily-ever-after!