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Less than Truckload

Less than Truckload

When it comes to shipping your product through less than truckload services, you want qualified LTL expertise. More importantly, you want tailored logistic solutions that eliminate concerns and uncertainty.

At Classic Shipping LLC, you can count on straightforward communication, shipment tracking and exceptional LTL service levels when moving LTL shipments so you won’t be left in the dark.

LTI Services Tailored to Your Business

We work every day to make quoting, booking and managing your LTL shipments simple and hassle-free. Our LTL services experts and Classic Shipping LLC TRAX allow you to select the service level for each shipment, while Classic Shipping proactively tracks, communicates and resolves issues every step of the way. Thousands of customers rely on Classic Shipping to leverage LTL because of our knowledge and experience.

Why Use Classic Shipping LLC for Your Less Than Truckload Shipments?

In addition to our exceptional level of service, communication, and visibility we believe in servicing your LTL business with the support that best fits your needs. You can choose to rely on your dedicated representative to handle everything, utilize our self-service technology through Classic Shipping LLC TRAX, or take advantage of our Customer Specific Pricing program for a managed solution.

What Are the 5 Key Benefits to Shipping Ltl?

Less than truckload is a solution for shippers who have freight that does not require a full trailer. This approach allows for multiple shippers to transport freight with a single trailer, consolidating volume to leverage not only pricing but service as well.

Accessorial Services

LTL carriers provide more accessorial services for pick-up and delivery than traditional full truckload carriers.

Decrease Emissions

Consolidating various LTL loads onto a single truck reduces emissions.

Gain Visibility And Connectivity

In addition to tracking on your shipment, our integrations with our LTL carriers provides quick turn around on load documents and processing.

Save Money

Pooling loads from multiple shippers means paying for only the space you use on a truck.

More Service Options

Expedited, guaranteed delivery, standard, or economy, pick the service that’s right for your business & budget.

Manage Your LTI Shipments With Classic Shipping Trax

Utilizing self-service LTL shipping technology provided by your logistics provider can create efficiencies and streamline processes in your busy day. With Classic Shipping TRAX, you can: